Tintin Reporter: Cigars of the Pharaoh, a video game adaptation of Hergé’s popular comic, was released in an unfinished state, much to the dismay of its developer, Pendulo Studios. Unfortunately, the game launched to a flurry of negative reviews on 8 November. Many players on Steam reported encountering serious bugs that rendered the entire adventure virtually unplayable.

Numerous Steam reviews criticized the game for its game-breaking bugs, making it impossible for players to progress. From necessary chat prompts not functioning to the inability to even move, the game seemed plagued with issues that hindered the overall experience. Disappointed players left scathing remarks, advising others not to waste their money on this broken game.

In response to the negative feedback, Pendulo Studios released a statement admitting that the game had been published prematurely and did not represent their best efforts. The studio took to Twitter / X to share this information with the community, expressing their disappointment over the situation.

Pendulo Studios assured players that they were committed to rectifying this unfortunate predicament promptly. They promised to deliver necessary patches in the coming weeks and encouraged players to report any issues directly to them through their available channels. Recognizing the significance of Tintin Reporter: Cigars of the Pharaoh as their most ambitious project, the development team vowed to persist until they achieved their goal of providing a satisfying gaming experience. They expressed gratitude for the support and patience of the players.

While Pendulo Studios took responsibility for the subpar release, the game’s publisher, Microids, retweeted the studio’s statement but failed to provide further details about the situation. It remains unclear why the game was released in an unacceptable state, as no official confirmation has been given. Speculation suggests that the game’s planned digital and physical launch may have contributed to the rushed release.

For now, it is advisable for those anticipating Tintin Reporter to exercise caution and refrain from diving into the game prematurely. Multiple reviews highlight the game’s roughness, with many quests being too buggy to complete. In light of Pendulo Studios’ commitment to fixing the issues, players can hold onto hope that the true vision behind Cigars of the Pharaoh will eventually shine through. Regular updates from the development team will shed light on the progress made.

Tintin Reporter: Cigars of the Pharaoh’s release has been marred by a plethora of technical issues, resulting in a disappointing experience for players. Although Pendulo Studios has pledged to rectify the situation, the initial release has left a sour taste in the mouths of those eagerly awaiting the game’s launch. As fans of the iconic comic series, players had high hopes for an immersive and enjoyable adaptation, only to be met with frustration and game-breaking bugs.

It is disheartening to witness a game with such potential fall flat on its face due to a rushed release. Players who had hoped to embark on a thrilling adventure alongside Tintin find themselves unable to progress beyond the first mission. This lack of polish and attention to detail detracts from the overall experience and robs players of the intended enjoyment.

However, all is not lost. With Pendulo Studios’ commitment to addressing the game’s flaws and delivering timely patches, there is still hope for redemption. Disappointed players can eagerly anticipate a future release where the real vision behind Cigars of the Pharaoh will shine bright, offering a truly immersive and bug-free experience.

In the meantime, it is advisable for players to exercise patience and await updates from Pendulo Studios. Jumping into the game prematurely only serves to heighten frustration and dampen enthusiasm. By holding off until the issues have been resolved, players can ensure that they fully immerse themselves in the world of Tintin and embark on an adventure befitting the beloved reporter.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits further news, it is crucial for Pendulo Studios and Microids to learn from this release debacle. By prioritizing quality assurance and not succumbing to the pressures of deadlines, developers can ensure that their creations provide the intended experience. Tintin Reporter: Cigars of the Pharaoh serves as a cautionary tale, reminding developers to focus on delivering polished and bug-free games that do justice to their source material.

The premature release of Tintin Reporter: Cigars of the Pharaoh has left players disappointed and frustrated. However, with Pendulo Studios’ commitment to resolving the issues and delivering updates, there is still hope for a satisfactory gaming experience in the future. Fans of the iconic comic series can look forward to a bug-free adventure that truly pays tribute to Tintin and captures the essence of the beloved characters and stories.


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