In the ever-evolving world of wireless speakers, consumers have come to expect more than just the ability to play music. With the advancement of technology, features like voice assistants, multi-room audio synchronization, and a wide range of connectivity options have become standard in premium speakers. However, the Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker seems to have missed the mark on these expectations. Priced at $349.99, this speaker offers a rugged and waterproof build, powerful 360-degree sound, and up to 17 hours of battery life. While these features may be appealing to some, they simply aren’t enough in a market saturated with innovative options.

The Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker is similar in size and shape to the Sonos Move 2, but it is noticeably lighter. Both speakers have dual tweeters and a single woofer, but Ultimate Ears focuses on wider sound dispersion to create its signature 360-degree audio effect. The speaker is covered in a fabric mesh and features a rubber base for added protection. It also includes a carrying strap on the back for convenience.

On the front side of the Epicboom speaker are large volume buttons, along with controls for power, Bluetooth pairing, and play/pause on the top. The speaker also includes an “outdoor mode” button that enhances the loudness for use in wide-open spaces. The “magic button” feature allows users to play a preset playlist from their preferred music service. While these design elements are user-friendly, the speaker falls short in terms of features. It lacks voice assistants, multi-room audio support, AirPlay, Spotify Connect integration, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, it does not include a line-in audio option or speakerphone functionality. These omissions are significant considering the price of the speaker.

The Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker claims to feature adaptive EQ, which adjusts the sound profile based on the environment. However, users have reported minimal differences when moving the speaker between rooms. While the speaker performs surprisingly well in a bathroom setting, its performance in larger rooms leaves much to be desired. At maximum volume, there is noticeable compression and bass crackling, which may disappoint bass enthusiasts. When compared to the more expensive Sonos Move 2, the Epicboom falls short in terms of detail, distinctness, and overall balance. Although it occasionally outperforms the Sonos speaker in certain songs, these instances are rare.

The Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker lacks the essential features that many consumers have come to expect at its premium price point. It does not offer AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, Chromecast, deeper multi-room audio support, Google Assistant, line-in functionality, or Spotify Connect. While it may appeal to those who favor UE products, the speaker simply doesn’t provide enough value compared to other options on the market. The lack of innovative features and the condensed feature list make the $350 price tag unjustifiable for many potential buyers. Unless there is a substantial price cut, the Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker fails to deliver a truly epic experience.

While the Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker boasts a durable exterior and decent sound quality, it falls short in terms of innovation and value. In a market where competitors are continuously pushing the boundaries of wireless speaker technology, the Epicboom seems to be stuck in the past. Without essential features and a relatively high price point, it fails to meet consumer expectations. Unless price is the sole determining factor, it may be more worthwhile for consumers to explore other options that offer a better bang for their buck. The Ultimate Ears Epicboom speaker proves that simply playing music is no longer enough to make a lasting impression in the competitive world of wireless speakers.


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