As we delve into the latest edition of eShop Selects, it’s important to note that some changes are on the horizon. For April’s eShop releases, the Readers’ Choice poll will be shared alongside the eShop Selects post instead of beforehand. This adjustment aims to enhance the voting process and provide a more streamlined experience for our readers. With this alteration in place, let’s take a closer look at the hidden gems that have caught our attention this month.

Spring has bloomed with a diverse array of games, despite being considered a “quieter” release month in the gaming industry. Among the standout titles that didn’t make the top three, Berserk Boy shines with its retro 2D-style platforming and exhilarating gameplay. Nailing the 16-bit aesthetic, this game offers a delightful experience that blends traditional SNES platformers with enticing Metroidvania elements. Garnering an 8/10 rating in our review, Berserk Boy is a must-try for fans of the genre.

Another noteworthy entry is Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story, the second installment in Digital Eclipse’s Gold Master Series. This compilation serves as both a tribute to a unique figure in the industry and an interactive history lesson for players. Dive into Minter’s world, play his games, and witness the evolution of his creations over time. Awarded a stellar 9/10 rating, this game is a gold star in the realm of gaming documentaries.

Discovering New Adventures

For fans of Drill Dozer, Pepper Grinder offers a spiritual sequel brimming with charm, color, and innovative mechanics. Embark on a pirate’s journey with a trusty drill by your side, exploring a vibrant world filled with exciting challenges. With fantastic level design and a unique gameplay experience, Pepper Grinder strikes gold with a remarkable 9/10 rating in our review. This title stands out as a worthy winner in our staff eShop Selects poll for the month.

Readers’ Choice Winner: Death Trick: Double Blind

In the latest Readers’ Choice poll, Death Trick: Double Blind emerged as the clear winner with 17% of the votes. This captivating game, featured in an Indie World Showcase last year, challenges players to solve a mystery at the circus by seamlessly swapping between two different perspectives. While other titles tied for second place, Death Trick stood out as a fan-favorite with its engaging gameplay and intriguing storyline.

Reflecting on the Selection Process

As we conclude our exploration of April’s hidden gems, it’s essential to understand how the eShop Selects top three are decided. At the end of each month, the Nintendo Life staff votes on their favorite titles from a curated list of digital-only Nintendo Switch eShop releases. These games must have received a review on Nintendo Life and scored 7/10 or above to qualify for consideration. Staff members vote for their top three choices, with points allocated based on their preferences. The votes are tallied to determine the top contenders, with the highest-scoring title claiming the month’s top prize.

April’s eShop Selects have unveiled a diverse selection of hidden gems that captivate and engage players. From retro-inspired platformers to interactive gaming documentaries, each title offers a unique experience worth exploring. As we anticipate future releases and voting processes, these hidden gems serve as a testament to the creativity and innovation shaping the world of indie gaming.


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