Venturing into the depths of dark caverns and navigating through treacherous underground mines may sound like a daunting task, but in SteamWorld Build, it is an essential part of the game. As players progress through the game, they will encounter various challenges and obstacles, one of which involves finding Old Tech Rocket Parts. This guide aims to provide the necessary information on locating these elusive components and sheds light on the Astrodome, the pinnacle of every player’s objective.

To find Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build, thorough exploration of each underground mine floor is crucial. While playing in story mode, the characters will express their desire to leave the planet, which aligns with the need to collect all six Rocket Parts for the campaign’s conclusion. It is important to note that each specific mine area or floor contains two SteamWorld Build Old Tech Rocket Parts. However, the locations will vary in each playthrough, particularly if players opt for different maps or randomize the mine areas.

In SteamWorld Build, the progression is closely tied to unlocking new functions, mechanics, and structures. Achieving various milestones is the key to expanding your capabilities. These milestones typically revolve around fulfilling the needs of citizens and upgrading their respective tiers. For instance, the construction of Bridges, essential for crossing chasms, requiring 200 Engineers. This structure enables Miner units to explore hidden sections that may contain Old Tech. Additionally, doors and underground mineshafts must also be unlocked as they often lead to inaccessible areas where Old Tech might be buried.

Once players have discovered Old Tech in SteamWorld Build, the process of collecting it is relatively straightforward. By using the Dig tool and selecting the Old Tech site, players can initiate the collection process. However, it is essential to have at least six Miners available as the extraction may take a couple of minutes. To ensure a smooth collection process, players should avoid clicking on other objects or areas that might divert the Miners’ attention. Focusing solely on the Old Tech extraction is highly recommended. Once the Old Tech has been fully revealed, players can simply click on the object, and it will be sent to the Astrodome automatically. Furthermore, obtaining the first Rocket Part will unlock the “Going Places” achievement, serving as a testament to players’ progress.

The Astrodome stands as a significant milestone in the SteamWorld Build journey. It becomes fully revealed and is located a short distance away from the main settlement area once players have collected their first piece of Old Tech. The installation of the Rocket Parts within the Astrodome signifies the preparations for departure from the planet. To successfully complete the objective, players must acquire all six Rocket Parts. The Astrodome represents the culmination of their efforts and the realization of their characters’ ultimate goal.

Locating Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build requires patience, perseverance, and a keen eye for exploration. By extensively searching each underground mine floor, players will unveil hidden treasures that are crucial to their progression. The Astrodome serves as a beacon of hope and achievement, symbolizing the imminent departure from the planet. While embarking on this quest, players should also take the time to learn about utilizing Workshops and Extractors, as well as engaging in trade and purchasing items. With determination and careful planning, players will surely conquer the challenges posed by SteamWorld Build and unearth all the secrets it holds.


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