Universal Pictures is said to be in the early stages of developing a new installment in the Jason Bourne franchise, following the success of director Edward Berger’s World War I epic, All Quiet On The Western Front. While the studio has not officially commented on the matter, there are rumors that negotiations are underway with Berger to oversee the project and direct the film. Although there is currently no script in place, insiders reveal that the project is still in its early development phase.

The news of Edward Berger’s potential involvement in the Bourne series has sparked speculation that the franchise might be gearing up for a revival. The series has been relatively dormant since the release of the 2016 film “Jason Bourne” and the 2019 Treadstone series. With Berger’s successful track record, particularly with “All Quiet On The Western Front,” which received nine Academy Award nominations and won four Oscars, including Best International Film, there is excitement about the potential direction he could take the Bourne franchise.

While no other talent is currently attached to the project, sources suggest that Matt Damon, who portrayed the iconic role of Bourne in four out of five films, would be the first choice to return once a script is finalized. However, Damon’s involvement is contingent upon the quality of the script and the overall story. The actor has previously made decisions based on his belief in the project’s direction, as evidenced by his choice to walk away from a lucrative offer for a Bourne videogame in 2021 because he did not want it to be a first-person shooter (FPS). Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Damon will commit to the new Bourne film.

Edward Berger has proven himself as a director capable of delivering critically acclaimed work in both film and television. In addition to “All Quiet On The Western Front,” which garnered numerous accolades, he has also made a mark in the television industry with shows like “The Terror” and “Patrick Melrose,” which received Emmy and BAFTA nominations. With such an impressive portfolio, Berger’s involvement adds credibility to the new Bourne installment and raises expectations for a high-quality production.

As Universal Pictures enters the early development phase of the new Jason Bourne film, fans of the franchise eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. The potential collaboration between Universal and director Edward Berger sparks hope for a revival of the dormant series. Moreover, the possibility of Matt Damon reprising his role as Bourne adds another layer of excitement. However, it all hinges on the quality of the script and story, as Damon has shown a willingness to prioritize the creative direction of a project over financial gain. With Berger’s track record of success and critical acclaim, there is a sense of optimism for a captivating and engaging continuation of the beloved Jason Bourne franchise.


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