Final Fantasy 16’s highly anticipated final DLC, The Rising Tide, is set to debut on PS5 on April 18th. This new chapter in the game takes place before the conclusion of the main storyline and follows Clive and his companions as they embark on a daring rescue mission upon receiving a mysterious letter.

The Rising Tide DLC introduces players to the enchanting land of Mysidia, a hidden location shrouded in mystery and steeped in the tragic history of its forgotten inhabitants. Players will have the opportunity to delve into new side quests that offer insight into the lore of the region and its people, while also facing formidable new threats along the way.

Among the challenges that await players in The Rising Tide DLC are revamped versions of the iconic tonberries, known for their sinister presence and deadly knives. The Aire of Hours stage, once a thriving city now in ruins, sets the tone for an ominous and eerie gameplay experience that promises to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Gameplay enhancements in the DLC include granting Clive the abilities of the Eikon of Water, allowing him to wield the power of the sea against his enemies. With an increased level cap in various game modes, players can expect new skills and feats that elevate the combat experience to new heights.

As players progress through The Rising Tide DLC, they will uncover the secrets of not only Leviathan, the Dominant of Water, but also other powerful forces that shape the world of Final Fantasy 16. The journey promises to be filled with twists and revelations that will leave players eager to discover what lies beyond.

Upon completing The Rising Tide DLC and the main game, players will gain access to Kairos Gate, a challenging survival mode that pits them against increasingly difficult waves of enemies in the underworld. By conquering these trials, players can earn valuable loot, materials, and weapons, all while climbing the ranks on the global leaderboard.

Final Fantasy 16’s The Rising Tide DLC offers players a captivating new chapter in the game’s expansive universe, filled with intriguing lore, intense gameplay, and rewarding challenges. With its compelling storyline and dynamic gameplay mechanics, this final DLC is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of the series.


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