As CES 2024 approaches, the tech industry eagerly awaits the unveiling of new and exciting products. While laptops and large screens are expected, there are always a few surprises that captivate the audience. LG, in particular, has raised the bar with its latest creation from LG Labs – the DukeBox. Described as an “innovative audio product,” the DukeBox combines vacuum tube audio technology with an adjustable transparency OLED panel. This unique combination not only serves as a control method but also creates an immersive audio and visual experience.

At first glance, the DukeBox is a stunning object of desire. The nostalgic aesthetic, paired with cutting-edge OLED technology, appeals to the high-end market. However, its premium nature suggests that it will come with a hefty price tag. Additionally, the front-facing OLED display may pose challenges regarding adjustability. While LG suggests that the DukeBox can be used for movie enjoyment, the transparency level of the display may prove to be distracting. The allure of watching a film on a glass-fronted tube-amp seems questionable, but could perhaps resonate with a select audience.

Aesthetic Concerns and Practicality

Despite its visual appeal, the DukeBox may not be suitable for households with children or pets. The glass front would undoubtedly be prone to smudges and fingerprints, detracting from its overall look and feel. Such maintenance concerns should be taken into consideration before investing in this objet d’art.

Further Unusual Creations

The DukeBox is not the only unique product set to make waves at CES 2024. LG will also be showcasing an upgraded version of their “Bon Voyage by LG Labs” – a customised living space reminiscent of a luxurious caravan or trailer tent. This mobile space, designed to be towed by a car, will be outfitted with various appliances, including LG’s “Styler and shoe care products.” This elevated camping experience offers a far cry from the gas stove cookouts and cramped chemical toilets of childhood memories.

Visitors to CES 2024, starting on January 9, will have the opportunity to explore these innovative products firsthand at LG’s booth. As the PC Gamer hardware team eagerly anticipates the latest gaming developments at the show, the DukeBox stands out as an attention-grabbing piece worth noting.

In a world of predictable tech releases, these unusual creations push the boundaries of what is expected. LG’s blending of audio and visual in the DukeBox showcases the company’s commitment to delivering unique and memorable experiences. Whether it appeals to the masses or caters to a niche market remains to be seen, but there is no denying its eye-catching design. As CES 2024 approaches, tech enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of these standout products that offer a fresh perspective in the realm of consumer electronics.


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