FromSoftwarian world-building is renowned for its intricate lore, often hidden within the descriptions of seemingly insignificant items. For the dedicated fans of the studio’s magnum opus, Elden Ring, unearthing these lore nuggets has become a gratifying pursuit parallel to conquering formidable bosses. Fortunately, one tireless YouTuber, SmoughTown, has taken it upon themselves to delve into the depths of Elden Ring’s lore, spending over 35 hours meticulously researching and explicating the rich tapestry of its fractured demigod-housing setting known as The Lands Between.

Embarking on this monumental task, SmoughTown’s latest video series aspires to unravel “the entire lore” of Elden Ring. To date, this dedicated content creator has already released numerous smaller lore explanation videos since the open-worlder’s initial launch. However, in a recent triumph, three comprehensive compilation videos were unveiled, with a combined runtime surpassing an astounding 35 hours. This epic trilogy encompasses a wide array of subjects, ranging from revealing the intricate backstories of enigmatic characters like Malenia to exploring cosmic mysteries and diving into themes only briefly touched upon in the game itself.

Unsurprisingly, the comment section beneath these scholarly explorations has been overflowing with words of encouragement and heartfelt appreciation. The magnitude of SmoughTown’s achievement in crafting such a comprehensive document on the lore of Elden Ring is undoubtedly esteemed as a significant academic triumph. The research and painstaking analysis involved in undertaking this endeavor is nothing short of formidable.

Nonetheless, being the internet, where wit and humor abound, the commenters also showcased their comedic prowess. One jesting comment cleverly quipped, “Love these bite-sized uploads, hoping you’ll start uploading long-form content soon.” While not strictly a joke, the commenter playfully suggested that the YouTuber’s previous videos representing only fragments of the overall lore journey were in fact bite-sized pieces, teasing the release of even longer content in the future. A subtle nod to the mammoth undertaking that SmoughTown has embarked upon.

SmoughTown’s exhaustive exploration of Elden Ring’s lore is not merely an achievement in the realm of entertainment, but also a testament to the devotion and passion of the Soulsborne community. The ardent pursuit of uncovering every hidden narrative morsel within FromSoftware’s games has become a cherished tradition, elevating the experience beyond mere gameplay mechanics.

SmoughTown’s unravelling of Elden Ring’s extensive lore is a momentous endeavor deserving of respect and admiration. Through countless hours of research and analysis, this dedicated content creator has contributed significantly to the understanding and appreciation of FromSoftware’s masterpiece. As the torchbearers of intricate storytelling, FromSoftware’s faithful followers eagerly await new ventures to explore and new secrets to uncover in the ethereal worlds they weave.


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