Publisher Apogee Entertainment, in collaboration with solo developer Eric Manahan, has recently announced the highly anticipated Metroidvania game, LUCID. This upcoming title has already achieved an astounding 207% of its funding goal, well ahead of its planned release on the Nintendo Switch in 2025. The game’s unique blend of exploration, art style, and gameplay mechanics has undoubtedly captivated the attention of both players and investors alike.

One exciting piece of news for LUCID is the inclusion of renowned composer David Wise. Wise, famous for his works on iconic Nintendo titles such as Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Star Fox Adventures, brings his exceptional talent to the game’s soundtrack. Wise’s compositions have always elevated the gaming experience, enhancing immersion and emotional connection. With his involvement in LUCID, players can expect an exceptional auditory journey that complements the game’s captivating visuals.

LUCID invites players to enter a flow state as they embark on a quest to locate the heart of the Lucid Giant. Throughout the game, players will traverse a multitude of enchanting environments, including shimmering caverns, snow-covered ridges, and treacherous badlands. The meticulously crafted world of LUCID promises to be a visual feast, immersing players in its awe-inspiring landscapes and captivating atmosphere.

The gameplay in LUCID is set to provide an innovative twist on the traditional Metroidvania genre. Players will be able to string together Crystal Arts to execute double jumps and airdash-fueled maneuvers, granting access to otherwise unreachable areas. Additionally, the ability to hot-swap abilities on the fly introduces a strategic component, allowing players to unleash devastating special attacks against nimble enemies and colossal bosses. These gameplay mechanics promise to keep players engaged and enthralled throughout their adventure.

While the release of LUCID is still a few years away, every detail released by Apogee Entertainment thus far hints at a promising gaming experience. The success of its Kickstarter campaign is a testament to the excitement and support surrounding the game. As development continues, fans eagerly anticipate updates on the game’s progress and eagerly await a target release date. With each new announcement, it becomes increasingly clear that LUCID is shaping up to be a standout title in the Metroidvania genre.

LUCID has garnered significant attention and support well before its planned release. From its compelling gameplay mechanics to its visually stunning environments, the game promises an immersive experience unlike any other. With the acclaimed composer David Wise lending his expertise to the project, players can also expect a captivating and memorable soundtrack. As the development of LUCID progresses, anticipation builds, and players eagerly await the day they can enter the mesmerizing world that awaits them.


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