Brandon Sanderson fans have reason to celebrate as the fifth installment of the Stormlight Archive series, titled Wind and Truth, is set to be released on December 6. Publisher Tor Books recently announced the release date on its official Twitter account, sending waves of excitement through the fantasy novel community. With the end of the first Stormlight Archive story arc, Wind and Truth is expected to deliver a climactic conclusion to the events of the previous four novels.

For those eager to secure their copy of Wind and Truth, Tor Books is offering the opportunity to preorder the hardcover edition at a discounted price. Currently, Amazon and Barnes and Noble have listed the hardcover edition for $36 and $40, respectively. However, it is worth noting that Amazon provides an additional benefit to those who choose to lock in their preorder early. With Amazon’s price guarantee, customers will receive the lowest price offered between the time of ordering and the release date.

Wind and Truth follows the journey of Dalinar Kholin, a central protagonist in the Stormlight Archive series. Challenging the evil god Odium to a contest of champions, Dalinar sets the stage for a thrilling showdown that will impact the fate of the entire world, and the Cosmere at large. With the Knights Radiant and the nations of Roshar having a mere 10 days to prepare for the worst, the stakes have never been higher.

In addition to the highly anticipated hardcover edition, fans can also preorder the Kindle and audiobook versions of Wind and Truth. The Kindle edition is listed at $20 on Amazon, providing a more affordable option for those who prefer the convenience of reading on their e-reader devices. Meanwhile, the audiobook version, narrated by talented voice actors, offers a captivating alternative for those who enjoy the immersive experience of spoken storytelling.

For readers who have yet to embark on the Stormlight Archive journey, now is the perfect time to catch up before Wind and Truth hits the shelves. Amazon is currently offering discounts on the first four novels in the series, allowing new readers to dive into the richly detailed world created by Brandon Sanderson.

Brandon Sanderson fans will be pleased to know that in addition to the Stormlight Archive series, there is a wealth of other books available for their enjoyment. The Mistborn fantasy trilogies, the Skyward young adult sci-fi series, and more can all be found on Amazon. Notably, Sanderson’s Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians middle-grade series is now available in a box set format for only $40, a significant discount from its original price of $60. With six books included, this box set is a fantastic opportunity for young readers to delve into an exciting and imaginative world.

The release of Wind and Truth is a highly anticipated event for fantasy readers around the world. With its promise of a climactic conclusion to the first Stormlight Archive story arc, fans are eagerly awaiting Brandon Sanderson’s next masterpiece. Whether you choose to preorder the hardcover, Kindle, or audiobook edition, Wind and Truth is sure to deliver an epic and unforgettable reading experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the adventure and discover what fate awaits Dalinar Kholin and the world of Roshar.


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